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4 statements 4 project 2

October 11, 2012

Daniel Oliva

1 Fine Arts education is about problem solving and critical thinking. Why do parents worry that art students can’t get jobs? There are lots of majors that student won’t be getting jobs in. Make posters of worrying parents thinking about majors considered “safe”. Nothing is safe.

2 How can students seriously question issues of representation and power? Studying art and design reveals how we are manipulated. Combine images of problems that do not require creativity to solve and those that do. The most difficult ones require a lot of creative thinking.

3 The Fine Arts Department should have an element of notoriety and pushing the envelope.

bonnie arbittier

1 juxtaposing images / symbols of penn (i.e. ben franklin) with relatively known images of fine art

2 giving penn a “cool” image through the rebranding of benjamin franklin

3 letting penn kids know they can’t have some of their favourite college events without art

4 messed up college brochures

maggie edkins

1 taking well known images relating to other disciplines and pointing out what about them is art

2 using a list of disciplines, show how art is related to all of them

3 emphasizing thinking vs doing using quotations

adwoa sey

1- Theory + Practice: showing how theory and practice interact through posters; using these tools to advance an idea rather than just meaningless brushstrokes, etc.

2-Collective: emphasizing collaboration between students through an interactive blog/website

3- Independence + curiosity: encouraging independent exploration and curiosity between current students in and out of fine arts through posters/campaigns

Brandon Newberg

1 Interdependence

2 Problem Solving

3 Ubiquity

Gaby Moreno Cesar

1 Impact

2 Identity

3 Collaboration

Cindy Rodriguez

1 Imagine if Facebook were not designed the way it was. If it was ugly, really hard to find things, and not visually appealing, would people be attracted to using it? Probably not.  Along these lines, redesigning Penn’s website or the Fine Arts website to be hard to use, ugly, and plain to show how design is important. Because without it, none of the programs we use everyday would be functional.

2 The creation of bad art to challenge the notion of what is expected to come out of the Fine Arts department.

3. Functionality vs inoperable

tom mcquaid

1 synthesis of disciples

2 constant visual awareness – “this is design”

3 detournement of traditional arts/college imagery

Jean Kim

1 ambiguous

2 jarring

3 evocative

Blanca Abramek

1 critical thinking

2 group mentality

3 slumber

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