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Because I’m out of paper and in the Mid West for Thanksgiving…

November 23, 2012

1. what is a designer?
     One who creates, defines, and plans. As the article says, anyone can be a designer. Yet some design for a living. Referencing the article again, there are three types of these people: product designers, environmental designers, and communication designers.
2. what are a designer’s responsibilities?
     A good designer must create for the good of society. Personal credit is not important in good design–it is what is made that counts. Social consciousness, awareness of surroundings, and responsibility are those that make a good designer great. The responsibilities are different than those of a fine artist, one who creates for himself for the most part.
3. what do you envision as your path over next 5 years?
     I am constantly struggling between Fine Art and Design when it comes to my path. I want a medium — I love to create things for their visual pleasure (photography), but I also love to stop people in their tracks, or to make people think how things work, or why they do so. I plan on doing both. How I will do that? That is the question. Not to be cliché, but it will definitely be an adventure and I am looking forward to finding myself in the process.

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