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I’m also just going to post my answers to these questions here…

November 23, 2012

1. what is a designer?
     A designer is someone who creates new solutions to problems. Often, they develop ideas and specifications that are executed by others. There are many different type s of designers, and each has a specific role in this process.
2. what are a designer’s responsibilities?
     Referencing the final paragraph of the article, a designer is someone who must realize work that is both fruitful and elegant. This means moderating the social impact of one’s work while still making it aesthetically viable. A designer must create effective work, and they are responsible for the economic, environmental, and emotional impact of both medium and message.
3. what do you envision as your path over next 5 years?
     I am serious about design, but I don’t consider myself to singularly be a designer or a fine artist. I have always been drawn to narrative, painting, and color, and I would like to work towards a career that allows me to develop these interests as well as my passion for design. I am open to embracing whatever artistic opportunities come my way, and I try to avoid planning too specifically because that might cause me to miss out on opportunities that I will not ignore if I remain open to different paths.

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