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Urban Service Design: Thursday Lineup

December 4, 2012

Here’s the tentative lineup for Thursday, in Addams Conf Room – with Kate Clayton and Sarah Rottenberg, gust reviewers

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Addams Family Sculpture Intervention

December 4, 2012

Addams Family Sculpture copyphoto-5photo-4photo-3photo-6

Frontline’s Digital Nation

December 4, 2012

Hey guys,

I just saw this documentary in my last class, and I found it very interesting. It deals with the digital age, and how today’s generation is so caught up with the internet and virtual world.  Does it hinder our development or make us better versions of ourselves?

I think it has to do with my independent project because it shows how our own identities are taken over by these outside forces.

It looks like you can watch the whole thing in the link I provided.

Epson 4900

November 29, 2012


Dolls in Art

November 27, 2012

laurie simmons

What is your reaction / what do you think this means?

November 27, 2012

What is your reaction / what do you think this means?

Three Design Questions

November 27, 2012

1. What is a designer?

            A designer is a creator.  It is someone who is aware of certain problems, whether those problems are his own or that of a client, and creates something in response and, hopefully in solution, to the problem.  As stated in the article, there are three types of designers (product designers, communication designers, and environmental designers), and each plays a distinct role when developing a solution. 

2. What are a designer’s responsibilities?

            A designer’s responsibility is to himself and the clients he chooses to work for.  In generating a practical solution, he should be conscious of what problem he is addressing, financial constraints, and the overall effectiveness of his work.  Since his work could potentially have an immense impact on society, he should remain aware at all times.

3. What do you envision as your path over next 5 years?

            I have always been drawn to design, and I hope to work in a career that will allow me to develop this passion.  I am not sure what I may be doing specifically, but I think that is all part of the process. All I do know is that I want to attend grad school.  After that, however, I am open to whatever opportunity God may put on my path.  Hopefully, through these opportunities, I can develop who I am, and what it all essentially means to be a designer.