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Project 3

Please post High Quality PDF and label submissions:

Title, designers names, statement, file (title.pdf)

Chance— Tom McQuaid & Adwoa Sey

Making the big city small. ®

Mark is a 29 year old male, working as a paralegal at one of New York’s most prestigious law firms. He takes the same train to work every day, gets coffee at the same cart two blocks from her office, and every day he goes to the park to eat lunch. He only moved to the city two months ago, and even though he enjoys his job and has friends in the city, he finds it hard to feel at home in such a big city. Growing up in a small town in Michigan and even throughout college, he would always say hi to the people he saw on a daily basis. But in new york, even though he sits next to the same guy on the train, passes the same woman on her way to get a coffee, and sees the same guy eating lunch across from him in the park every day, he never feels comfortable enough to say hi–he feels that maybe they haven’t noticed her, or maybe they just don’t want to be friendly. That’s where Chance comes in…

Chance is a social system that makes it easy for citizens to recognize and acknowledge each other, putting names to faces and encouraging everyone to say “Hi!”. It’s simple, easy to use, and non-invasive, and it has a big payout: it makes that big city seem just a little bit smaller.

How does it work? All you have to do is purchase a Chance card. It’s small and fits right in your wallet. Using unique technology, it keeps track of any other card it passes throughout the day within a 10ft radius.  Sign up and register your card online!  Then, all you have to do is go about your day as normal. Go home and plug in your card and you’ll see a roster of every cardholder you passed throughout the day. You just see their name and photo, there’s no geolocation or other data. You might not have noticed them, but you missed an opportunity to say “Hi!”. Over time, your Chance data will accumulate. You’ll see who you pass by most often doing your daily routine. Hover over the bar to see how many times you’ve passed each other.

Mark has been using Chance for a few weeks now. He sees that he and Gabby pass quite often. The next time he passes her on his way to get coffee, now that he finally knows her name, he can say “Hi!”.

Presentation SUP — Brandon Newberg, Gaby Moreno Cesar

em code – Bonnie and Cindy

The EM CODE was designed to address the everyday inconveniences experienced by shoppers, customers, and the general population. Users have the option of a customizable barcode tattoo or a quick, painless embedded microchip.  Each EM CODE is linked to a secure, online account that keeps track of personal information, such as insurance information, credit cards, and identification. It is the end all be all, storer of anything and everything, solution to all your inconveniences.

ShareIt – Blanca and Daniel

Highschool and college students can share their interests in our online and physical community!

ShareIt Presentation

Where the Party @
– Maggie and Jean

This app and social system is designed to facilitate easier socialization in bars by helping patrons locate each other, locate the most happening parties, and order drinks without ever approaching the bar. The social application of this network is not meant to be an all-consuming social network that digitizes the time spent socializing in bars, but instead should be a tool to make these kinds of in-person interactions more enjoyable.

where the party @

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